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APF PRO delivers:

Improved formula provides powerful anti-catabolic action to help build and maintain skeletal muscle

Increases resistance to stress induced gastric upset

Protects the immune system from long-term or intense stress

Optimizes glucose uptake and utlization in muscle cells

Promotes higher levels of ATP and CP in muscle cells

Improves utilization of lipids (fats) for long-term energy production

Improves and protects mitochondrial efficiency

Delays the onset of fatigue during exercise

Improves recovery from physical exertion

Protects digestive function by providing sustained energy to the GI tract

Delivers powerful anti-oxidant activity to protect against free radical damage

Protects against the damaging effects of intense or chronic stress

Kastel Denmark by Charlotte Jorst is inspired by the strength of fortress “kastels” in her native country, Denmark. Channeling contemporary Danish Design, she was also able to capture important functional elements including protection from the sun while staying cool and active, along with durability and quality. Simplicity paired with fashionable flare reflects her Danish heritage and love for timeless design.

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Finish Line® Horse Products promises to bring you the best quality healthcare products for your horse at the most reasonable prices we both can afford. Our goal is to manufacture products that will work…Guaranteed!


Finish Line® has been a leading provider of quality horse healthcare products since 1979. We strive to produce products that will show you a noticeable improvement in your horse at the most reasonable prices.


Through internal R&D, customer feedback, and quality ingredients, Finish Line® has become a trainer-recognizable name as a company you can trust to provide excellent products at great values. You don’t have to take our word for it. Product comparisons reveal our finest ingredients and dosage pricing shows our real value. Upon request, we can provide simple comparisons for you to see the difference.